Pleasure Guttus
March 6th - April 17th, 2021 @ Five Car Garage, Los Angeles

Pleasure Guttus is a pouring vessel decorated with images.
An artifact which now teems with dirt, a finger is slipped through its ring to drip oil.
Through the mixture’s smokey film, a flutter of a past life.
The guttus is full and snug around a digit, poised to overfill.

Overhang, 2021, Oil on Plywood, 9.5"x9.5"

Administration Game, 2021, Oil on Panel, 15"x9"

Snotmongers, 2021, Oil on Plywood, 9"x10"

Figurine, 2021, Oil Paintings, 25"x30"

Interior, 2021, Oil on Panel, 4"x6"

Nose Pull, 2021, Oil on Plywood, 4"x8"

Touch Diagram, 2021, Oil on Panel, 11"x14"

Overlappers, 2021, Oil on Panel, 10"x4"

© Justin Ortiz 2021