Sky Worm

July 25, 2021
Light Harvesting Complex

This body of work takes inspiration from the Atlantic Palolo, a marine worm whose breeding period mysteriously aligns with phases of the moon.

Pleasure Guttus

March 6 - April 17, 2021
Five Car Garage

Pleasure Guttus is a pouring vessel decorated with images. An artifact which now teems with dirt, a finger is slipped through its ring to drip oil. Through the mixture's smokey film, a flutter of a past life. The guttus is full and snug around a digit, poised to overfill.


b. 1998 and based in LA
director at Garthim

2021 Sky Worm, Light Harvesting Complex. Vantaa, Finland view
2021 Pleasure Guttus, Five Car Garage. Los Angeles, California, USA view

2021 Timely, 11 Newel. New York, New York, USA view
2021 burden, darkZone. New Jersey, USA view
2021 The Forest and the Sea, Five Car Garage. Los Angeles, California, USA view

2020 Shedding the Third Skin, Final Hot Desert. Minersville, Utah, USA view
2020 Sinkhole Project. Baltimore, Maryland, USA view
2020 The Days are Just Packed, The Pool. Heybeliada, Istanbul, Turkey view
2020 Mostra collettiva di pittura da Sasha curated by Alan Stefanato, 23 Corso Brescia. Torino, Italy view
2020 Benefit Auction, Stairs of HelMel. Los Angeles, California, USA
2020 Greenhouse, Light Harvesting Complex & Dharma Initiatives. Vantaa, Finland view
2020 Sleeping Village, Solo Show. Online Exhibition view
2020 As it, was if, Sullivan Galleries. Chicago, Illinois, USA view
2020 how to build yourself a burrow in 20 minutes, Lichen Works. Chicago, Illinois, USA view

2019 Scott Reeder's "KIOSK", EXPO Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, USA
2019 The Fickle Sun, Fast And Small Gallery. Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2019 How To Install a Citibank into an Old Brick Building, Apartment 13 Gallery. Providence, Rhode Island, USA view
2019 Velvet Ropes Drawing Show, Sargent's Daughters and Shrine Gallery. New York, New York, USA
2019 It's Always Spring Above the Frost Line, Laundry Room. Chicago, Illinois, USA
2019 Dinner Party, The Siragusa Gallery. Chicago, Illinois, USA
2019 K_Night, Bastione San Maurizio at Giardini Reali della Cavallerizza. Torino, Italy view
2019 Potpourri Rapture, ADDS DONNA. Chicago, Illinois, USA

2021 Ditch Number 3 by Jacob Mattingly, Garthim. Los Angeles, California USA view
2021 Gone Broody by Christopher Peckham, Garthim. Los Angeles, California USA view
2021 Hushed Inheritance by Tatiana Sky, Garthim. Los Angeles, California USA view
2020 Kaleidoscope: Gilgal, Garthim. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA view
2020 Dewdrop Toadstool Hopscotch by Isabelle Adams, Garthim. Mattheisen State Park, IL, USA view

2x2 Periodical, September 2021.
~'TIMELY', August 2021, artloversnewyork. view
What is Garthim? A Conversation with Justin Ortiz, June 2021, Przemijam. view
burden at darkZone, New Jersey, USA, 2021, Ofluxo. view
FIVE CAR GARAGE PLEASURE GUTTUS, March 2021, Art Forum. view
Jesse Fleming/Justin Ortiz, March 2021, WhatsonLA. view
Justin Ortiz, Pleasure Guttus at Five Car Garage in Los Angeles, March 2021, Rundgang. view
Shedding the Third Skin, Fotograf #38, March 2021. view
Archive 02 by Saint Maison, December 2020. view
'Shedding the Third Skin', Group Show Curated by Ben Sang at Final Hot Desert, Minersville, 2020, Tzvetnik. view
'The Days Are Just Packed', Off-site Group Show at THE POOL, Heybeliada - Istanbul, 2020, Tzvetnik. view
'Mostra collettiva di pittura da Sasha', a Group Show in Corso Brescia 23, Turin, 2020, Tzvetnik. view
Neighbor Zine, June 2020.
EPISODE 4: 'Greenhouse', by Light-Harvesting Complex and Dharma Initiatives at Vantaa, Finland, 2020, Ofluxo. view
EPISODE 4: 'Greenhouse', by Light-Harvesting Complex and Dharma Initiatives at Vantaa, Finland, 2020, Tzvetnik. view
Heads Magazine #10, October 2019. view